Our technicians are able to layout all your horticultral, lighting, masonry and landscaping needs in a dynamic and detailed plan for our customers to view.

Step By Step Service

With over 25 years of design, service and experience on the ground we know how to make your garden a thing of beauty.

Dutch Landscaping offers a full range of design services to allow to plan and develop your new landscape as we help you through all the major decisions - step by step.

Dynamic Renderings

As we develop and design for our clients, it allows us to forecast a detailed budget for our clients. These renderings also allow us to show you how your new space can be transformed into a wonderful space for your whole family.

3-Dimensional Planning

Our detailed plans in 3-D enable our clients to maximize their budgets and get a first hand preview of how your greenspace will look after the work has been completed.

It also takes the guess work out of planning and implementing your gardens vision by allowing us the make adjustments before the work begins.

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